All of us in Melvyn Hanley Solicitors are deeply saddened at the horrifying invasion of Ukraine by its neighbour the Russian Federation acting on the orders of its President, Vladimir Putin.  The savagery and terror unleashed by Russian forces is utterly despicable and we salute the bravery and determination of the Ukrainian people and their armed forces in the defence of their nation and our European brothers and sisters.  We wish to express our solidarity to our fellow Ukrainian Lawyers and their families.  As a gesture of support to Ukrainian citizens the firm has made contributions to the Irish Red Cross Appeal for the Ukraine.

We recognise that the majority of Russian people have no knowledge of the reality of what is being carried out in their name and that this is not their war but of their President.

We continue to look after our Ukrainian clients here at this firm and we will not accept work from Russian entities or Belarusian entities at this time.  We will continue to explore practical ways to provide support for the people of Ukraine.  We are pleased that the International Criminal Court of Justice has commenced an investigation to the crimes that have been committed in the Ukraine against its people and its property.