We would like to make you aware that as and from the 27th of October 2022, fines in respect of 16 Road Traffic Offences have generally doubled. These are details of increases in fines – these are in respect of Penalty Notices and not Court Ordered Fines.


€80   >        €160

No Seatbelt                                                                                          

€60    >        €120

Mobile Phone (use of)                                                                       

€60    >       €120

Learner Drivers (unaccompanied)                                               

€80    >       €160

No “L” plate or “N” plate or Tabard for Motorcyclist               

€60    >       €120

Inadequately restrained child                                                        

€60    >       €120

Fines will also be doubled in respect of other offences under the RSA that put vulnerable road users at risk. Further information can be found in the news section of the RSA website.