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Intellectual Property rights are a fast growing area of business and law. The more connected the world becomes the greater the importance of protecting your rights. Like any other form of property, it is important to put provisions in place to safeguard these rights. Similarly, it is important to ensure that you don’t encroach on the Intellectual Property rights of others. We help our clients to protect these rights by providing advice in respect of Trademark and Copyright Law. We are also happy to assist you in sourcing Patent Attorneys, if required.


What is a Trademark?

A Trademark is essentially a “Mark” of your Trade i.e. a Logo, Badge, Sign or word that you use in the course of business. Ownership of a Trademark grants an exclusive right to the use of that Mark within a certain geographical area. We help clients to secure Trademarks in Ireland, Europe and beyond. We also advise clients in respect of taking steps against parties they believe have infringed their Trademark and vice versa.

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Copyright Law deals with rights of a creator of various forms of works (or elements of that work) to produce copies, make available or adapt those works. Examples of such works include; books, photography, paintings, music and film.

The holder of a Copyright enjoys the right to prevent others from making copies, adapting or making that work available. It is often contentious and as such it is important to be able to establish that you are in fact the true creator of the works in question.

We help clients to document and secure their Copyright and guide them in the event of a dispute arising.

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